Kristin (xksoftballgrlxk) wrote,

Legally Blonde

I've been looking at blazers and pin striped pencil skirts and all this really cute business wear. Can I say I want to be a lawyer if not for the sole purpose that I think I would be the best dressed bitch in that courtroom. Hell I'll get glasses if it makes me more intimidating. lol.

Alls well here. The Sayreville Band got first place! Yay for them. They didn't get best percussion, but they got everything else, so good for them. That should have been us last year, but I feel slightly vindicated, even if they were competing at the lowest level. And damn, some of those bands were BAD. But they broke 91! Hopefully they do as well in Baltimore next weekend.

Rugby initiation was a lot of fun. Not demeaning, which is cool. =D Well I just have to survive the next week and then I get to spend some quality time home for thanksgiving. For those of you who don't know, this week is Lehigh VS Lafayette, the longest running rivalry in college football. So this being lehigh, there will be parties every single night. Even when I don't go out, there will be drunk people stumbling through my halls (my roommate). So hopefully no one dies and not too many of these alcoholics go to the hospital. Seriously, it gets a little scary sometimes. Hope everyone is enjoying November!

Think Snow!
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