Kristin (xksoftballgrlxk) wrote,

Bleh (it needs a title, my layout looks bad without one)

ehh, my life is boring but i need to upkeep this journal thingy.

haha, "This is the Moment" just came on my shuffle list. awww, chills. yay band.

speaking of band, i will be back this saturday. kate is coming home so it'll be cool to go get manis and pedis. my nail beds suck. (lol mean girls). i'm totally avoiding capitalization because that shift key is just too far away. ya'll can deal.

This is the moment! Damn all the odds!

sorry, broke out into song for a bit. ugh i love this song. haha. trumpet fanfare part! nice. oh jekyll & hyde why are you so cool. ya'll really need to listen to the song while reading my post so you can understand the good parts. anyway. i think i decided about the rushing thing. i'm (probably) going to come back and rush, just not pledge. meaning i'll meet all the sorority girls and a bunch of other freshman girls, but i probably won't join a sorority unless i'm blown away by one. (not likely).

ok, well that was a post about nothing which is sufficient to keep this journal up. my peeps like shannon and liz have these great insightful posts, while i write this stuff, lol. i swear i'm much deeper than my posts, i just don't write down most of what i'm thinking. instead i make secrets and just don't post them. btw, "ljsecret" ftw. it's sad i forgot how to do a link to a community. lemme try it... ljsecret. no thats not right. damn! i used to be so good at html during my layout making days. oh how i miss not having a life. it was still fun sitting alone in my room making icons and layouts. now i have a social life what the hell. overrated. hah.

that's enough mindless rant. i'm going to listen to the jekyll & hyde soundtrack.

Current Mood: bored!
Current Music: shuffle.
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