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Fish Out Of Water [entries|friends|calendar]

About Me
I'm Kristin. What up? This is my real journal for updates, but you can see more of my layouts at the journal - ploop333. Please, comment before you take anything of mine, or just credit me. This means layout ideas, codes, images, or icons and such.
The Layout
This layout was created June 17th and 18th, and is themed "Fish Out Of Water". It features a shark graphic from pixelgirlpresents.com, and it's all about blues, oranges, and circles! Hopefully you'll like it. Much thanks to everything_lj and howto, and inspiration from premade_ljs' beautiful layouts and cool codes.                         - Kristin
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sfasj.lfjalkfj [
            written on December 12, 2007 at 10:26 AM]

One month of pure, uninterrupted laziness.
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Elections are excercises in manipulation. [
            written on November 16, 2007 at 1:59 PM]
Oh god I hate doing homework. Technically it's not really homework, but it's preparing for my last big test in Political Science. And by last big test I mean second test, as in we only have two grades so I better do well on it. And once again, I am procrastinating just a tad.

I'm going to see Reliant K and Switchfoot tonight. Yay Christian Rock bands! Its fun having a stadium on campus and having all these bands come to me. I've never really been to a concert before I got to college. (does anyone count ska shows?) Alright, well I guess I should get back to work, just wanted to write something that didnt have to do with the evils of capitalisms and triviality of our election process. Yeah yeah, I get the point, the American Political System is corrupt, can we please move on to something a little happier? Ugh.

500 more pages to read and highlight. I'm not exaggerating. I actually might be underestimating it. I'll take a picture, it's pretty funny that I have a whole table covered with stacks of print outs and books.

Lots of love to my peeps who are keeping it real.


PS: It snowed today in PA. Just some little flakes. Chigga Chigga WHAT! First snow of the season ya'll.

Current Mood: Bored
Current Music: Silence!
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Legally Blonde [
            written on November 11, 2007 at 9:46 PM]
I've been looking at blazers and pin striped pencil skirts and all this really cute business wear. Can I say I want to be a lawyer if not for the sole purpose that I think I would be the best dressed bitch in that courtroom. Hell I'll get glasses if it makes me more intimidating. lol.

Alls well here. The Sayreville Band got first place! Yay for them. They didn't get best percussion, but they got everything else, so good for them. That should have been us last year, but I feel slightly vindicated, even if they were competing at the lowest level. And damn, some of those bands were BAD. But they broke 91! Hopefully they do as well in Baltimore next weekend.

Rugby initiation was a lot of fun. Not demeaning, which is cool. =D Well I just have to survive the next week and then I get to spend some quality time home for thanksgiving. For those of you who don't know, this week is Lehigh VS Lafayette, the longest running rivalry in college football. So this being lehigh, there will be parties every single night. Even when I don't go out, there will be drunk people stumbling through my halls (my roommate). So hopefully no one dies and not too many of these alcoholics go to the hospital. Seriously, it gets a little scary sometimes. Hope everyone is enjoying November!

Think Snow!
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Get cha head in the game! [
            written on November 9, 2007 at 3:11 PM]
Alright, so how is everyone doing? Lets keep it going with these updates.

Ummm...So tonight is Rugby Initiation. Which I have no idea what it is (it's all secret) but we have to bring a bathing suit, sunglasses, ski hat, old white shirt, a camera, and a warm coat. Any guesses? I heard some people say it was one of those crazy scavenger hunts where you run around town doing stupid stuff and documenting it with pictures. And we're not allowed to wear anything with "Rugby" on it so I think they're expected us to get in trouble. If I get arrested, anyone want to bail me out? My parents are coming the next morning, so that would be fun.

Anyway, I'm the coming home Saturday! Whooot. Get to see Liz, Kate, Ben and Greg and any other cool people who come home from college. I want to see a movie, haven't seen one of those in a while. Anything good out? Then Sunday is the Marching Band Competition. Sayreville better get first cuz lets face it, everyone else in Group 1A sucks. If they don't take home ever caption head, I'm gonna be pissed. lol.

So I got an A on my Econ Midterm when everyone else I know dropped down to like below a 70. It feels like high school all over again. I'm a dirty little curve breaker. And we're registering for next semester classes, and the law class I wanted to take filled up. WTF I hate you upperclassmen who get to register before me. Fuck you. Anyway, that throws off my schedule now. I really want to take some of these classes, like Law and Latin, but it just doesn't fit if I'm taking a Business minor. Plus there's a semester in Washington I wanted to do my junior year which I don't think I can. However, I kinda really need to take a business minor if I ever want to get a job if I don't go to law school. Eh, what can you do? Maybe I'll drop my English Major down to a minor as well, but that just doesn't look as good to law schools. oh well, they only really care about the GPA and LSATs anyway, right?

Alright you cool cats, catch you on the flip side! (And this is directed to Shannon and Liz because they are the only two who ever read my posts anyway. =D)

Current Mood: complacent
Current Music: The Music of the Night. Whooot Phantom!
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Bleh (it needs a title, my layout looks bad without one) [
            written on November 5, 2007 at 7:57 PM]
ehh, my life is boring but i need to upkeep this journal thingy.

haha, "This is the Moment" just came on my shuffle list. awww, chills. yay band.

speaking of band, i will be back this saturday. kate is coming home so it'll be cool to go get manis and pedis. my nail beds suck. (lol mean girls). i'm totally avoiding capitalization because that shift key is just too far away. ya'll can deal.

This is the moment! Damn all the odds!

sorry, broke out into song for a bit. ugh i love this song. haha. trumpet fanfare part! nice. oh jekyll & hyde why are you so cool. ya'll really need to listen to the song while reading my post so you can understand the good parts. anyway. i think i decided about the rushing thing. i'm (probably) going to come back and rush, just not pledge. meaning i'll meet all the sorority girls and a bunch of other freshman girls, but i probably won't join a sorority unless i'm blown away by one. (not likely).

ok, well that was a post about nothing which is sufficient to keep this journal up. my peeps like shannon and liz have these great insightful posts, while i write this stuff, lol. i swear i'm much deeper than my posts, i just don't write down most of what i'm thinking. instead i make secrets and just don't post them. btw, "ljsecret" ftw. it's sad i forgot how to do a link to a community. lemme try it... ljsecret. no thats not right. damn! i used to be so good at html during my layout making days. oh how i miss not having a life. it was still fun sitting alone in my room making icons and layouts. now i have a social life what the hell. overrated. hah.

that's enough mindless rant. i'm going to listen to the jekyll & hyde soundtrack.

Current Mood: bored!
Current Music: shuffle.
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            written on November 1, 2007 at 10:56 PM]
It sucks that my whole group of friends is pledging a sorority. And I really don't want to, but if I dont, I will be alone for the rest of the year. They'll all be so busy with pledge and stuff. So i probably will rush (even if i don't actually pledge) but it sucks cuz I have to leave a week early from winter break to do rush events. And then I miss Greg's Bday. And as if I'm not upset enough that my very cool group of friends will be broken up by next semester, Greg's all like "meeeh, you're gonna miss my birthday". whatevs.

i'm tired. i need sleep. stupid greek life. oh well, maybe I'll love it. gotta stay positive, i suppose.
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I'm adding titles to all my entries. [
            written on October 29, 2007 at 9:38 AM]
I am le tired. And my ears are all pressurized. It's like I'm in a constant air plane.

I really have nothing to write about, I'm just trying to stay in the habit of upkeeping this journal.

Oh! There's a trip into the city this weekend to see Wicked! I'm soo upset I can't go cuz I have to go to Rugby playoffs. Even though I can't play. =( Oh well, I'll have fun staying in a seedy hotel room with the Rugby girls. Ugh. I can't catch a break.

But then, I get to come home the next weekend. Whoot Championships and seeing my friends. Oh, and yay for me picking up the rest of my scarfs. SCARFS!!!! EEEEEH. I love scarfs. Ok, I'm done for now. I know, such an informative post. Ya'll can suck it.

BTW, It is COLD in my room. WTF mate. Good thing I have a winter jacket that I wear everywhere like a FREAK.

Current Mood: cold
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            written on October 26, 2007 at 2:14 PM]
[ mood | melancholy ]

oh and an ear infection. let's just add this all together. like, hey, Kristin hasn't been sick in a few years, lets just pile it on ALL IN THE SAME WEEK.

and I have to go get a prescription filled now, and it's off campus. which means it's at the bottom of the hill. and it's raining out. (anyone have a car? help!)

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I have mono! [
            written on October 26, 2007 at 11:52 AM]
[ mood | shocked ]

I have mono! What the fuck!

I feel so much better though! It sucks, I actually slept the whole night. My strep is going away and mono is just sitting here making me feel tired and lazy. Arrrrrrrg.

I hate my life a little now. I can't even make out with my boyfriend for another month. lol. Kill self.

It just sucks cuz I feel fine! Now I can't play in the Rugby play-offs or drink at parties or have any fun. Shitake mushrooms!

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I'm not dead yet! [
            written on October 24, 2007 at 11:18 AM]
Wow, what is this strange thing they call livejournal? Anyway, I feel like procrastinating a bit so lemme tell ya'll what's up.

I have strep throat. Fun, I know. Taking penicillin for it. (Hah, anyone realize that penicillin, take off the illin, and change the c to s. Hah! I'm delierious.) And I have to go in half an hour to go get blood taken for a mononucleosis test. I don't want mono!!! Grrrr. Specially since we made Rugby play off's and I really want to play. We might have to go stay over at a hotel. Hotel Party! But if I'm sick I'm gonna miss out on all the fun. Wah Wah Waaah.

And since I'm missing states this weekend, I definately want to come home the weekend of the 9th and go to J. Birney Krum stadium in allentown to see the band. And mi novio. Who apparently has really short hair now, like old school freshman Greg Deliso. He apparently likes it though, so that's cool. He keeps going to Red the barber, who I introduced him too. Yeah, I'm the reason his hair will no longer be white boy fro.

that's it for now. I'd tell you about college but I don't feel like recounting 2 months worth of partying, classes, and bad dining hall food.

adios chicos!

Current Mood: sick
Current Music: Scrubs Theme Song
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Life sucks...just a little bit [
            written on October 11, 2006 at 6:33 PM]
[ mood | betrayed ]

So I have nothing else to do so I'll update...

You know you have no friends when all you do is play neopets. lol. Whatever, I like being able to relax on Wednesdays.

So Yeah I figured I'd restart my lj updates every so often. I was gonna vent on this journal but then I figured that was just too fifth grade, so I'll talk about school.

Senior year is really easy. I'm getting A+s in AP English and AP Calculus. Aren't these supposed to be the hard classes? But anyway, I start tutoring next week, (I'm reteaching Babyatt Algebra) which isn't exactly fun for me, but it'll give me something to do. Plus, I have to tutor monday afternoons so I get to miss some of the boring band music practices.

Band is going well, the show seems like a big hit to the judges, and despite the annoyingness of our instructors at one time or another, it's been a relatively drama free year.

Greg's fine, for you guys who knew what happened and gave you condolences. Thanks for your support, you're true friends.

And thats it for my life. Well no thats not it, but like I said, it just doesn't feel right venting on lj. Isn't that what homeroom is for? lol.


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Since I've been gone... [
            written on July 18, 2006 at 10:07 PM]
Since I've been gone so long, I thought it was only proper to come back with a bang.


whoooooooooooooooooot! My Shark will BITE YO ASS!

And I'm gonna be less Friends Only and more public. But yeah, unless I have to trash someone. hehe.

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Current Music: History Channel!
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-gasp- I'm alive! [
            written on July 7, 2006 at 9:40 AM]
Yeah, had to update cuz I got my AP scores. I really didn't study at all, so I'm suprised I did this well.

History - 4
Biology - 5
English - 4

Yo I'm stoked. Bizaatch.

Current Mood: thankful
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Friends Cut [
            written on July 31, 2005 at 9:52 AM]
We all knew it would happen soon. No, not really. But anyway, yeah, my friends list was too big and it ust didn't make sence for me to scroll through my friends page not reading half of it.

So, if you were cut, please kindly remove me from your list.

You may have been cut because:
- You died, or atleast your journal did.
- You never commented on my journal. I need love too!
- I never read and therefore never commented on you entries. Sorry 'bout that.
- We just didn't have that much in common.
- Personal reasons. (Not too many of these.)

If you'd like to try and get readded, you can comment, but I'm not going to be that forgiving.

Current Mood: Rushed
Current Music: Discovery Channel
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Jump on the Band Wagon? [
            written on June 6, 2005 at 8:17 PM]
Well, since I'm way too lazy to actually do anything productive, I'm making a post. And also, because I dont feel like writing about the crap thats happening in my life, I'm going to do a non-traditional Kristin post.

Yes, its that time again, time for a pointless meme.

Write anything about me. Anything. Tell me how you really think I am. Do you think I should be different? What are my worst/best qualities.

And of course, here's the big shocker. -Dun Dun Dun- Post it anonymously. Yes, go for it. And this is a public post so even if your not on my friends list you can comment.

Ok, I'm prepared. Do your worst.

Current Mood: bored
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            written on June 28, 2004 at 9:56 PM]
My Journal is FRIENDS ONLY. You've somehow stumbled across my journal. Yay for you! Well, as you can see, my journal is friends only. Mostly because if I post graphics, or right about something personal, I want to know who's reading it.


Sorry, not adding any new friends. Unless I personally know you, whether from school, or I've actually talked to you personally, please don't asked to be added. Thanks.

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Current Music: Seventy Seven Times 7
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Public Post [
            written on May 7, 2004 at 11:36 AM]
Here are some of my favorite headers, blends, and friends only banners. For more, join my Icon Journal.

Please do not take any of these without permission. In fact, you should not be taking any of these from this post. If you see something you like, I would appreciate it if you left me a little note, and then joined my Icon Journal. Thanks again.

ExamplesCollapse )

Again, please dont take these without permission
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