Kristin (xksoftballgrlxk) wrote,

Elections are excercises in manipulation.

Oh god I hate doing homework. Technically it's not really homework, but it's preparing for my last big test in Political Science. And by last big test I mean second test, as in we only have two grades so I better do well on it. And once again, I am procrastinating just a tad.

I'm going to see Reliant K and Switchfoot tonight. Yay Christian Rock bands! Its fun having a stadium on campus and having all these bands come to me. I've never really been to a concert before I got to college. (does anyone count ska shows?) Alright, well I guess I should get back to work, just wanted to write something that didnt have to do with the evils of capitalisms and triviality of our election process. Yeah yeah, I get the point, the American Political System is corrupt, can we please move on to something a little happier? Ugh.

500 more pages to read and highlight. I'm not exaggerating. I actually might be underestimating it. I'll take a picture, it's pretty funny that I have a whole table covered with stacks of print outs and books.

Lots of love to my peeps who are keeping it real.


PS: It snowed today in PA. Just some little flakes. Chigga Chigga WHAT! First snow of the season ya'll.

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