Kristin (xksoftballgrlxk) wrote,

I'm not dead yet!

Wow, what is this strange thing they call livejournal? Anyway, I feel like procrastinating a bit so lemme tell ya'll what's up.

I have strep throat. Fun, I know. Taking penicillin for it. (Hah, anyone realize that penicillin, take off the illin, and change the c to s. Hah! I'm delierious.) And I have to go in half an hour to go get blood taken for a mononucleosis test. I don't want mono!!! Grrrr. Specially since we made Rugby play off's and I really want to play. We might have to go stay over at a hotel. Hotel Party! But if I'm sick I'm gonna miss out on all the fun. Wah Wah Waaah.

And since I'm missing states this weekend, I definately want to come home the weekend of the 9th and go to J. Birney Krum stadium in allentown to see the band. And mi novio. Who apparently has really short hair now, like old school freshman Greg Deliso. He apparently likes it though, so that's cool. He keeps going to Red the barber, who I introduced him too. Yeah, I'm the reason his hair will no longer be white boy fro.

that's it for now. I'd tell you about college but I don't feel like recounting 2 months worth of partying, classes, and bad dining hall food.

adios chicos!

Current Mood: sick
Current Music: Scrubs Theme Song
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