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Life sucks...just a little bit

So I have nothing else to do so I'll update...

You know you have no friends when all you do is play neopets. lol. Whatever, I like being able to relax on Wednesdays.

So Yeah I figured I'd restart my lj updates every so often. I was gonna vent on this journal but then I figured that was just too fifth grade, so I'll talk about school.

Senior year is really easy. I'm getting A+s in AP English and AP Calculus. Aren't these supposed to be the hard classes? But anyway, I start tutoring next week, (I'm reteaching Babyatt Algebra) which isn't exactly fun for me, but it'll give me something to do. Plus, I have to tutor monday afternoons so I get to miss some of the boring band music practices.

Band is going well, the show seems like a big hit to the judges, and despite the annoyingness of our instructors at one time or another, it's been a relatively drama free year.

Greg's fine, for you guys who knew what happened and gave you condolences. Thanks for your support, you're true friends.

And thats it for my life. Well no thats not it, but like I said, it just doesn't feel right venting on lj. Isn't that what homeroom is for? lol.

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