Kristin (xksoftballgrlxk) wrote,

Jump on the Band Wagon?

Well, since I'm way too lazy to actually do anything productive, I'm making a post. And also, because I dont feel like writing about the crap thats happening in my life, I'm going to do a non-traditional Kristin post.

Yes, its that time again, time for a pointless meme.

Write anything about me. Anything. Tell me how you really think I am. Do you think I should be different? What are my worst/best qualities.

And of course, here's the big shocker. -Dun Dun Dun- Post it anonymously. Yes, go for it. And this is a public post so even if your not on my friends list you can comment.

Ok, I'm prepared. Do your worst.

Current Mood: bored
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