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My Journal is FRIENDS ONLY. You've somehow stumbled across my journal. Yay for you! Well, as you can see, my journal is friends only. Mostly because if I post graphics, or right about something personal, I want to know who's reading it.


Sorry, not adding any new friends. Unless I personally know you, whether from school, or I've actually talked to you personally, please don't asked to be added. Thanks.

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Hi my name is Arica and I saw that you have flute as one of your intrests so I was wondering how long you have been playing.
hey this is lindsey_jo
i made a new user name
add me?
Hey, hun. Sorry I took so long adding you. I've added you now; add me if you haven't added me. (:
No problem at all! You're added. =O)
hi :] i joined ur comm. i would like post acess to make requstes <3 Please read the rules. It's a graphis journal, not a request community, and I'm the only one with posting access.

However, if you'd like to join a request community, may I suggest joining riot_designs. I'm a maker there, so you can request a graphic there from eigther myself or other makers.

Again, rules and info are there to help you.
Oh ok im sorry ;[ Uhm one more question.. Are you taking requests at ur community?
I was, but now I'm so busy I'm just directing everything over to riot_designs. Chances are you could get an even better maker to answer it quicker than I could, or you could request me specifically.

THere was a post containing all this information, if you read the rules and follow the lini it will give you a little more insight.

Deleted comment


Are you kidding me? Do I look like your personal banner maker?

Got to one of those request communities to get someone who actually WANTS to make you a banner of your vain little self.

This is my personal journal. So fuck off. And yes I am being rude because you have absolutely no respect for me. Did you even read the post or just find my name somewhere?

Ugh. -Banned-
you know me~ it's mike. the would-be guard boy/already is a guard bitch. the one that fell. a lot. o_o

your layout kicks ass. leik whoa.
Hey :) I stumbled across your journal and would really like to be friends? What do you say?


April 29 2005, 22:07:21 UTC 11 years ago

im not asking to be added...
but i really like ur lj layout :)
its so...WICKED
lol, Thanks. I'm kinda obsessed with livejournal.
LOL n/p.
im pretty obsessed too :S oh well :P
its L.A.
yeah..add if ya wanna..
ooh! I like the layout! =3
Hey LA. Your so added like now.

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