Kristin (xksoftballgrlxk) wrote,


My Journal is FRIENDS ONLY. You've somehow stumbled across my journal. Yay for you! Well, as you can see, my journal is friends only. Mostly because if I post graphics, or right about something personal, I want to know who's reading it.


Sorry, not adding any new friends. Unless I personally know you, whether from school, or I've actually talked to you personally, please don't asked to be added. Thanks.

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My Graphics Journal: striking_icons

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Current Music: Seventy Seven Times 7
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i know i know, but i wouldnt have it any other way.


July 11 2004, 13:49:12 UTC 13 years ago

How stupid. No, don't wanna be added, don't care.
ouch, im hurt. im sry, but see, i dont like weirdo's reading my personal feelings, hmm...lemme try and give you an example of a freaky person, whose not even mature enough to leave there own name when they post on a journal of a person who doesnt like them...lets think real hard. is anyone coming to mind for you? maybe you should sleep on that.
Hey!This is Ben's g/f....I just wanted to let ya know I don't have a problem with you.I am sure you are pretty.But I assure you I don't hate you and ur certainly not a home wrecker!I nvr said that.Its one of my favorite songs of the sisqo cd...I have tons of songs that I use for away messages.It doesn't imply anything.Well I like your journal.Jeremy Sumpter is hot!lol I love how they made tinkerbell in that movie.It was great.N-e-ways just clearing things up for ya
oh, i never tbhought that. i just felt bad cuz if e hadnt of hung out than none of this would have happned. then again, its all bens fault. blame it on the guy...always works for me. lol. i added you, add me back?
Oh i want to be added!! and I love your banner...soo cute!
surely! add me back!


13 years ago

Add me, kkk?
surely! lemme add you now before i forget.
where do you get all these pictures from the movie....its my fav

and you make them look beautiful

i make my pown screen caps. if yoiu need one, just reqquest it at ppicon
_request and ill get youany scene you'd like.
Hey, is it ok if I add you to my friends list?

Oh, and how did you make that banner?? I like it! I've been trying to make one myself for mine as well, but it looks so, blah...!


i didnt make this banner, fiesty_red did. but i did make one, and i just use adobe. i can maybe make one for you...just post your request at my comunity.
i added you, add me?
ok...but where did u find my journal from? are we in a communty together?


13 years ago


13 years ago

Hey band_geek7328 told me to add you because she said you make awesome icons and i need one made but i cant get to your community. So i added you if thats ok.
thats fine...uh...well wut does the icon pertain too?


13 years ago


13 years ago

You already know me :P Well not that well but you know me ;) Add me?
of course! i was gonna add you a while ago when i first when to pan_icontest...but i thought i wasnt cool enough. lol. ur added.
Add me?

Please and Thanks!

x | Jordan | x

I'm Vanessa and I found you randomly. You seem pretty cool, add me?
why not! hello kristin.



13 years ago

HeyA...Im Ashley!i found your journal through an entry in anyicon_100x100...and was just wondering if you could add me?
Before I can approve your submission, I just need to know if you disabled the comments feature.
-Kelly (moderator of 0promotewhore0_)
yes i did.
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